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The children of this land are no idiots

They know what they’re getting is only a fraction of what they deserve

They know we can give them more

They know what the future should be

They know how far they should be allowed to rise

They are a strong people

They are an up-coming generation

They’ll refuse to take rationed security

They’ll cry to have all their rights exercised to the fullest

They would not listen when you tell them that the sky is the limit

They know of the foot-prints on the moon

They’ll not accept a blur future

The children will throw our rations of hope, and amputated security back at us

They’ll kick our incomplete, deformed offer of a manageable future back in our face

These children will make a stand today, and will live to support it tomorrow

These children are not going to quit


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Angels- God’s Messengers

The Writing Entrepreneur

MC900353629 (1)
There are many misconceptions about Angels and I would like to clarify some things that I have learned. Please keep in mind that the scriptures used are taken from the King James Version of the Bible. When writing scriptures, I will put something like John 3:16, which means the book of John, Chapter 3 verse 16. Over the next few post, I hope to shed light on what angels are and what they were created for.

Angels are supernatural or spiritual beings that many people think and wonder about. There are many misconceptions about them and many people seek answers related to them. I hope to clarify some things about angels and open your eyes to what angels are all about.

Angels are everywhere doing God’s service. Angels are not to be worshipped but recognized as spiritual beings that God created. Many think that a person who accepts Christ will…

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Praise Cleveland

hillsong darlene

Nearly five months ago, former Hillsong Church worship pastor Darlene Zschech announced that she had breast cancer and would undergo chemotherapy. Now the popular singer and songwriter is thanking prayer warriors for their efforts during the battle.

Zschech announced she has officially finished her last round of chemo and says hallelujah is the best word to describe how she feels about it. The battle isn’t over. She starts radiation this coming week—and that will last six weeks.

“I shall be glowing from the inside out,” she quips. “And then that’s it. Never again.”

Zschech again thanks her fans for continued prayers.

“On the days where I have felt I cannot do it anymore, I literally have felt the strength of people praying for me,” she wrote on her blog. “The power of the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen has been beyond what I have ever experienced before. Again, I am so…

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Hi!  I am Callie C. Colbert and I was asked to join this blog tour by my friend  James McAllister.  For those of you who aren’t acquainted with him, he is a really gifted author.  Go, JOCK!  We all have favorite characters, and one of mine is Jock.  You can meet him in the multi-generational “Starclan” series, beginning with “The Turret.”

After that, you will eagerly read “The Best Laid Plans:  Birth of the Starclan.”

James is currently writing the third book in the “Starclan” series.

If you are a science fiction fan, you will love his writing style and subject matter.  Even if you aren’t, he has written a “Twilight Zone” themed book, “The Universe-Five Minutes at a Time.”

Or are you into knights, dragons, and kings?  He has that covered in “The Page:  The Year of the Dragons.”

Tune in to “The Author Show” on May 26, 2014, as James will be interviewed by Don McCauley.  You can also find James hanging out at the following places:






MARSocial’s Lagrangian SciFi Lounge:


As for me, I am currently writing “Threads of Reality:  Lexie’s Journey, Book 2.”  This novel is somewhat of a challenge to write as it gets very dark in certain areas.  Lexie is the spirit of a deceased child, and in each book of the series she helps people confront evil head-on.  In this particular story, she is trying to help a middle-aged couple come to terms with their spirituality, faith, and psychic abilities as they struggle to deal with the fact that they have unintentionally opened a portal to hell due to their curiosity in the paranormal realm.

“The Tibuens:  Lexie’s Journey, Book 1” was published in 2014 and this novel is a combination of science fiction, the paranormal, romance, and theology.  The “Lexie’s Journey” series is Christian paranormal.  Yes, I can see the look on your face as you try to make sense of the genre.  (I covered that topic in a previous blog post.)  I didn’t set out to write in this genre, or any particular genre for that matter, and I guess that’s part of what makes my writing style unique.  The genres picked me.

“Graze the Night” is about police officer Dean Mitchell, who responds to a 911 call.  Several people are murdered after he arrives at the residence.  The question is whether Mitchell slipped into insanity, or if he was a victim of the paranormal.  I especially like this book because the reader is left to answer that question.  Graze is a paranormal/psychological thriller and is not part of the “Lexie” series.

As far as how I go about writing a book, the ideas come to me at odd times and places.   On occasion, I have been known to write song lyrics, poetry, or parts of a book on restaurant napkins!  I learned to keep a pen and paper with me everywhere I go, as well as at the side of my bed.  (Napkins tend to get damp and the writing doesn’t hold up well 🙂

The stories come to me kind of like movie fragments running through my head.  The general story tells itself; I just write it down and formulate bits of the story and handle the technical issues.  As I said earlier in this blog, Threads of Reality is a bit more challenging than normal as the book gets very dark and I find myself struggling at times to formulate the story.  The general information is there, but the rest of it?  It’s a lot of work.  I think it will probably end up being my best work yet.  Authors continue to learn with each book we write.  I plan on publishing Threads of Reality in the fall of 2014.

I also write song lyrics and poetry, and you can read samples at my website  The song lyrics and poetry are fun to write, and they take quite a bit of work.  I will write from my own experiences, things I see other people going through, or even just random ideas about things.  My general subject matter of my lyrics and poetry is love and relationships, although I have been known to write about other things.  Although it is not generally done this way, I sell the poetry and lyrics outright.  I don’t go through the normal channels of having someone local record my songs and then send it out in the music world for possible publishing.  It’s satisfying enough to have someone purchase my work and then add their personal touch to make it their own.

As with most indie writers, I hold a “regular” day job.  I work in home health.  It is extremely gratifying to help people who are elderly and/or disabled.  I am very blessed to have a job I enjoy, plus I get to write on the side.

Check out my website for random excerpts of my work, and let me know what you think!  You can contact me here:




MARSocial Blog:

Thank you for your time!  This blog tour has been a lot of fun, and now I would like to turn your attention to some really great friends and authors who have jumped on board for this tour.

First, let me introduce you to Travis Hightower.  He is a great guy, and you will enjoy meeting him!  Travis served as an Air Force officer for nearly eleven years, and he is also an amazing science fiction author.  You can check out his bio and books by clicking on his mug shot below, and you can read his blog here.

Image of Travis Hightower


The next great author and friend I would like to introduce you to is Ken Alexopoulos.  If you check out his Amazon page, the 5-star reviews speak for themselves!  Ken also writes under the pseudonym Alexander Kurtis, and you should check out his book “I am a Cowboy.”

You can go to his page by clicking on the photo below.

Ken Alexopoulos


Ellis Escapades

We have a new prayer card!  Now that Isaac is an official part of our family and Abigail is well on the way with that process, we are able to release a new prayer card with them included.  The caveat for Abigail is that she cannot be shown in a manner that makes her recognizable.  For that reason she is in a sling, sideways to the camera.  Once she is officially part of our family we will be able to post pictures that allow you to see what she actually looks like.

Along with the new prayer card we are sending out a newsletter soon.  In the newsletter I discuss the problem of autism increasing in the world.  With this continuing rise in autism rates the global church must step forward to reach this growing population demographic with the Gospel of Jesus.  Many of our churches here in the United…

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The Modern Writer

Cristian Mihai

John Steinbeck once said, “All great and precious things are lonely.” Actually he wrote that. In East of Eden (phenomenal book, by the way.)

Writing is a lonely job. The act of putting words on paper with the clear goal of creating some form of art, whether is a novel, a short story, a poem, or a play requires solitude. It’s an inexorable truth about the condition of the writer; he has to be able to put aside the real world, the world outside his window, so he can focus more on the world that he’s creating.

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