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On the Sunny Side

Joanne Guidoccio

It is easy to be negative at this time of year. The mornings are dark, the weather is unpredictable, and winter is just around the corner. The excuses are endless and, if we’re not careful, we’ll stop exercising and slip back into bad habits.

In their book, So Stressed, authors Stephanie McClellan and Beth Hamilton suggest countering the following negative thoughts with more positive messages:

I’m too exhausted even to think of moving.
I always have more energy after I exercise.

I’m just so slow.
When I started, I was out of breath very quickly. I may not be a speed demon, but I have really built up my endurance.

My whole body hurts from that last workout.
If I stretch well or take a hot bath, my muscles will be warmed up, and I’ll be feeling no pain once I start moving.

I had to skip three days…

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Is God Mysterious?

Chris Martin Writes

The quick answer to the question is simply, no. God is not mysterious.

We have this view of God sitting somewhere up in Heavenly realms, surrounded by a glowing aura, guarded by Gabriel and a host of other angels. Completely inaccessible. Hard to figure out. Confusing. Unpredictable. Out of reach. Undoubtedly mysterious.

If we read our Bibles, we can grow into an understanding that God is not way off somewhere doing His thing, and we are left here to wonder.

This week, I’ve camped out in Colossians 2. What an awesome chapter of scripture. I can’t sit at work reading the Bible, so I listen to it on my iPad. I’ve listened to this passage over and over all week. And it hasn’t ceased to be absolutely amazing.

Col 2:2-3 says (emphasis mine):

My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may…

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5 Things You Should Never Do On Your Author Blog…

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

Author Blog HeaderWhether you’re published yet or not, a vibrant author blog should sit at the heart of your promotional efforts – the “homebase” for your author brand.

Used properly, your blog will help you to impress agents and attract a publisher.  And if you’re already published, it can be used to attract new readers, create a successful launch of your next book, generate buzz and bring your work positive reviews.

But it’s crucial that you use your blog the right way to achieve all of this.  There are certain blogging mistakes I’m going to tell you about that can seriously hurt your book sales and your reputation as an author.

To help you avoid these pitfalls, here are five things you should never do on your author blog and what you should be doing instead:

1. Projecting That You’re A Beginner Or That You’re Unsuccessful

blog fireworksWhile being a retiring…

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God Is Love

Paula Carnes

I never liked dogs until the day I met Ginger. As soon as I sat down on the sofa, Ginger, who was a big Irish setter, jumped up beside me. I was scared, but she immediately sat down, and laid her head on my shoulder. It was love at first sight as her doleful eyes looked longingly into mine.


All my reasons for not liking dogs – they are dirty, they jump on things, they bite, they bark – went flying out the window. The logical part of my brain asked, “If even dogs love, where does this come from?”

Don’t tell me to believe something just because it feels good. I am Doubting Thomas after all. Give me evidence. And I think I have plenty of evidence to believe in Jesus Christ – historical, eyewitness type evidence. Many people knew Jesus’ dead body was missing, but didn’t care. Those…

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Authors Fight for Inspiration

Many times when I write, my brain works faster than my typing.  The ideas just pour out and I can barely keep up!  At other times, I struggle to be inspired enough to even write a paragraph…that’s when the real work comes in.

Recently, I experienced ‘writer’s block’ and it lasted for weeks!  I myself, like most authors at one point or another, suffered from ‘marketing burnout.’  During that time, I wondered if I would ever be able to write again, whether it be a blog, book, poetry, or song lyrics.  I wasn’t feeling well and trying to recover from strep throat.

Then I took a look at book sales and became extremely frustrated.  I was ready to just give up on all of it.  After talking with other authors who have experienced similar ‘meltdowns,’ I decided to just roll with it.  As I began to feel better, the ideas and words began to flow again.

Experiencing burnout is a struggle, regardless of who it is or what it is in reference to.  I think the key point is to know that it won’t last forever!

Here are some great tips for authors suffering from burnout.

Here are some ways to avoid burnout.

Writing is a gift, and it is a craft that has to be nurtured.  We will always be learning new things and reminding ourselves of lessons we have already been taught.

Happy writing!  🙂

Matthew 11:28-30    King James Version (KJV)

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.




Heather Ann, Callie and Coleman

Heather Ann
Name: Heather Ann

Comment, Guest Blogs and Author information:

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for writing. I have learned with time, and trial and error a certain style of writing. My style of writing was to be for the Lord above. Anything less would be worthless, and in the end fail me and my father in heaven. When I decided to start a blog, I wracked my brain trying to make a decision on a topic. Sure, there are alot of interests I have, a lot of things that I could blog about, but then it hit me, everybody needs inspiration, including myself. So what better way to start my writing, and hopefully a future career in writing, than to write for God! After all, he is the one that gave me this great passion, and if he gave me this passion then there must be only one reason he did, and that reason must be to be his hands and feet to give other people what I feel from him. You see a blessing is not meant to be kept to yourself, it is meant to share. All of my inspirations come from biblical passage, which I will always post a link to the bible passage that gave me my inspiration. My desire is that you too will feel God’s love for you just the way I do. I so look forward to seeing you on here and hearing your own inspirational thoughts. God Bless

Hi Heather! I think it’s great that you write inspirational blogs! In this day and age when so many people seem to struggle to find purpose and meaning in their lives, inspirational blogs can be really helpful.

Callie C. Colbert

Callie C. Colbert

For people to be truly inspired, they need to look at the blessings in their lives. Sometimes those can be the smallest of things, such as taking the time to watch a sunset. Other times, those blessings can be obvious, such as watching a loved one recover from an illness. Blessings then turn into miracles!

God has given us the desire and talent to write, and, according to the Bible, we are not supposed to hide our talents. Every person is gifted in one way or another, and if God has given you this gift, use it for His glory!
Although I haven’t been blogging like I should, I do enjoy it and, like you, I like to add a Bible verse in mine.

1 Peter 4:10 KJV:
As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

Hi Callie and Heather,
I have to tell you that this mornings coffee is half Maxwell regular roast and half Starbuck’s Mocha Java in which I used too much non-dairy creamer and sweetener so it taste like the “Cowboy Coffee” Grandma used to give me when she was perturbed with Ma, it was great then and this morning.

Coleman Weeks

Coleman Weeks

My inspiration to write comes from my desire to help, and I pray for help in writing a good piece. One of the largest projects I ever took on was my book and website.


There was plenty of praying for guidance during this process. I was not in my environment nor class as I interviewed and corresponded with the 400+ contacts I made during the composition of the book. Functioning out of my comfort zone forced me to research and apply the knowledge, and at times the experience gained from the application was the treasure hiding for me to find. My stereotypes of evangelicals, missionaries and evangelizing missionaries changed and matured and my perspective of the villains faced by these folks were clarified. I learned intolerance was far deadlier than any one selfish individual and all could be found among the rich and poor alike.

Writing and helping brings their own rewards to us so I thank you for inspiring me today.