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Insightful Perspective

A long journey we take when thrust upon us
A duty calls like Herb Albert’s trumpet
We might walk, ride a bus or even jet
However we do it we just get

Over the mountains we might see a herd

Over the mountains we might see a herd

In the skies we watch flocks of bird

In the skies we watch flocks of bird

There might be some pit falls or pothole

We could travel through a dust bowl

We could travel through a dust bowl

Life is a box full of duties
Some warm our hearts, some gripe our booties
With tongue in cheek we take it all in
And at the trumpet’s blast we begin again

Just when we know all there is
A new gem out of the clutter has riz
Just when we think we are at the end of our rope
Tied at the end is a chain of hope

Many contemplate what it is to die
We all know not when or why
But the veteran traveler through life’s maze of duties’ messings
Understand the true meaning of Blessings

Our heroes have walked around potholes and wore goggles for dustbowls
We watch the wise the lead the herd and witnessed the point man of the flock
We find joy in their wisdom and wit as the challenged are cajoled
We know the strong lead will clean the bully’s clock

They have feared at the end of their rope as they once again find a chain of hope
They learned to abstain the worrisome chatter of starving to only get fatter
The infinite wisdom the warrior earns is charming, they know that we don’t see is far from alarming
An old hand of many a trip understand time wasted on worry is where it will rip

The advanced few who looked death in the eye know of respite from the effort to try
They have lost the fear of the end itself because it coming in sight is like anything else
They see all from a different place
All have cried and chuckled in the end’s face

If death was a crusty old man you can daily dance with him to the band
If death were a mountain he would still hold the herds and over his head would still fly the birds
His day would still have a sun and a moon, he would eat his soup with a spoon
The end of his rope will still have a chain of hope


What inspires you to praise God?


Psalm 8:9, “O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth!”

During the drive to the ranch last evening an incredible cloud formation greeted us. It looked like two smooth layers of vanilla cream frosting with the upper edge whipped into meringue-like peaks. In the wide opening between the layers, piles of fluffed-up white clouds glowed with the waning golden orange light of sunset. I glimpsed God’s creative beauty, and it took my breath away.

In our frenzied world it’s easy to ignore God’s blessed adornments. We may not intentionally choose blindness to what sits outside windows and doors, but often we’re simply too busy to notice. Was it necessary for God to create a world teeming with rich color and depth? He did so anyway. His creation reflects divine perfection and glory, and you and I know Him better because of it.

Romans 1:19-20a, “because…

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What would life be like, if we lovingly learned to better and better recognize that there are truly splendid magical things going on inside of us…and all around us, ALL of the time?

A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health

An excerpt from Chapter XII (“True Happiness: A Glimpse of Heaven”) of my book – A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health…

“It is likely that numerous times we have all heard people reflect that they “can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by.” Often it is blamed on age or unknown circumstances. In the tradition of True Health, a common response to such a statement is to kindly mention that, if one considers all of the things one has experienced and done during that period of time, the time does not seem to have moved by so quickly. In utilizing at least this level of objectivity, one can palpably see that life can look quite different when we attempt to impartially pay attention – even if only in hindsight. A primary point of this chapter is to discuss as to why we might choose to take…

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John Morgan: Right before my dad passed.

M.A.B.E. with Coleman "What I See In The Mirror"

John Morgan John Morgan

I am posting this post verbatim from because it is vital that Florida enact this law, I beg all Floridians to get out and vote for this on November 4, 2014. Although over 80% of Floridians believe Medical Marijuana should be available to people like myself who are suffering the measure requires over 60% of the voters to vote in favor for it to pass and become law. Strangely, many of the opponents to this measure are not residents of Florida and I have read that the largest contributor that funds the opposition movement supports Medical Marijuana in Israel, but opposes it in Florida. Please get out and vote and consider volunteering to knock on doors or contribute to this effort in anyway you can.
Coleman Weeks

Then in June 2013 we found out my Hepatitis "C" was chronic and had a test result that showed I was prime for developing cancer. Then in June 2013 we found out my Hepatitis “C” was chronic and had a test result that showed I…

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Honor Your Parents

Paula Carnes

                                   everything through 1-9-09 080

My brother became a smoker at the tender age of 13 and was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 44. By that time he was a three pack a day chain smoker. Two years later he died. When I told our mother of his death, she wept, saying, “I thought God was going to heal him.”

Many of us parents cannot bear to come to terms with the reality that sometimes our children make horrible, life shattering mistakes. We forgive them, we pray for them, sometimes we make excuses for them, but we cannot bring them back. We cannot undo our mistakes as parents, or their mistakes as young people.

The summer I was ten my best friend and I snuck over to the neighbor’s farm and rode his horse. It was…

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Words in Action

Words of love are beautiful.  We can never say, “I love you” enough to the special people in our lives, which is how it should be.  There comes a time, though, when words are simply not enough, and action is required.  If you make a promise to someone you love, keep it.  If you can’t, make sure the other person knows exactly why you can’t.

Love is an action verb, meaning it’s in motion.  Words come so easy sometimes, but action takes much more thought and work.  When is the last time you put action behind your words?  You can say, “God loves you” to a homeless person, but to offer that individual a meal is to put your words into motion.  You can say, “I’m sorry for your loss,” but to sit down and listen while a grieving widow ponders ‘old times’ is action.  You can say, “I’ll be there for you if you ever need me,” but to actually show up at that person’s door in a time of crisis puts your words into action.  Maybe you’ve told someone you’d pray for them, but when is the last time you offered to actually meet up with that person and pray together?

Our words hold a lot of weight, but actions speak louder than words.  If you put action behind your words, it creates a positive energy that continues to flow on from that person to another. 

Pay it forward.  Let your words in action inspire someone else to put their words into action.

On the flip side, we should use negative words and actions sparingly.  Everything holds energy.  What kind of energy would you like to put out there today?

1 Corinthians 2:4King James Version (KJV)

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:


Pranks with Proverbs

This is so cute!



This article was sent by George N. Netto in the TOI of 25th of October, 2011.

Any proverb—-however trite—-can be made to sparkle with a suitable suffix.  Besides driving home the point forcefully, it provides a crisp ending lace with a light-hearted touch—-in fact, the SNAPPIER the ENDING, the BETTER the IMPACT of the proverb.  Highly quotable they may be, but proverbs usually convey truisms with which we are already familiar.  There’s nothing like a touch of humour to spice up a commonplace proverb.

(1) VARIETY is the SPICE OF LIFE———–ask any monogamous male.

(2) FAMLIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT———usually after marriage.

(3) MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN——–unmade on earth.

(4) THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING——–and the licking of one’s fingers.

(5) WEDLOCK IS A PADLOCK——–one of the keys to which is divorce.

(6) IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO——–and three to create an eternal triangle.


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