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West Meets East

Paula Carnes

When I was a kid growing up in western Pennsylvania we used to say the Lord’s Prayer every morning in school followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. About a decade later a family living in eastern Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit to stop the schools from saying the Lord’s Prayer. Eventually the east won.

While reading the paper recently, I noticed that the east has won again. This time it is the victory of eastern world religion. Here is the story as covered in the Los Angeles Times.

Mindful meditation at school gives kids tools for emotional expression

Hundreds of schools in California alone have mindful meditation programs, and educators see benefits. Mindfulness is said to help with focus, attention, calming the emotions and school performance. February 28, 2014|By Mary MacVean

It seems mindful meditation is not considered a religion. Fine, then let’s not call prayer a religion…

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New Movie trailer for “the Identical”

readful things blog

For those of you who love movies, here’s the first look at a great one that will be out soon. See it on the big screen September 5th!

This  film has received excellent reviews from its first screenings. RAY LIOTTA and ASHLEY JUDD portray a pastor and his wife as they raise their musically-gifted, adopted son, played by BLAKE RAYNE in his cinematic debut.

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How Do We Truly Forgive Someone?

Belinda G. Buchanan - Author - Blog

This question has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks.  Are you the type of person that forgives easily, or does it take you some time to get over it?

I have met a few people in my life who have the unnatural ability to truly forgive and forget.  I stand in awe of these fortunate souls, wondering why the hurt seems to roll off their shoulders like water.

Personally, I’m the type that takes forever to get over something.  I catalogue it, commit it to my photographic memory, file it under NEVER, and harbor a grudge for all of eternity.

Yup, that’s me…or at least that was me until about three years ago.  What brought about the change?  Simply put, it was the desire for happiness.

For some of us, the hurt we feel runs deep and is burrowed so far down inside of us…

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Movie Inspiration: The Maze Runner

The Inspiration Owl

Hiya Guys!

So this blog post is inspired by a movie that is coming out soon: The Maze Runner!

For anyone that doesn’t know, The Maze Runner is a post-apocalyptic , science fiction young adult series. Even though the first movie is coming out soon, there are already three books out and the trilogy is awesome.

I don’t want to spoil the series for you, but there the characters are basically tested physically, mentally and emotionally. And I’m not going to lie, there are quite a few bitter-sweet moments.

What I find to be inspiring is that the characters never give up.

Whether they are being chased by monstrous machines or left to fend by themselves, they never lose hope.

So, my message to you guys is to never lose hope. When the characters find themselves complacent in their makeshift society, it only takes a small catalyst to wake them…

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Media Release of a Major Article by Columbia University & The Dept. of Public Health & Epidemiology…

Recovery Can Start Here ~A Gamble Free & Sober Blog ~Celebrating Life In Recovery~

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Visitors!

#RecoveryMonth #Inspiration

Many of us recovering addicted compulsive gamblers have felt when we were active in our addiction, that we were broken and failed at this thing called life. The paths we had taken with gambling addiction made us feel it was a test. And yes, it did break me and many other addicted gamblers, but I’m no longer broken thanks to having wonderful support by many in my recovery. Support has been an important part of my journey. Two places I have always looked to is ‘The National Council on Problem Gambling’,  and  ‘The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin’, … Because I have been through one, and still battle daily challenges with the mental side of things.

These two websites have a wealth of information on all types of  addictions and mental health services, they  raise awareness, inform and help educate the public as…

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