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Simply Blessed



I’ve been off scouring the Internet for the creme de la creme of helpful tools for mindful living, and found this little gem from Eckhart Tolle:

“Suffering needs time, it cannot survive in the now.”

Wow! Talk about ending suffering in one sentence or less!

Ah, yet I know it can still remain just a concept without self awareness. And sometimes habit mind is already off and running before awareness kicks in, what to do then?

So I also found this exercise which is a perfect grounding tool to help bring us back around to fully inhabiting the present moment:

“Take your thumb and connect it with your pinky, take 5 deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth.  Do the same with your ring finger, then your middle finger, then your index finger.  Then finally, bring all 5 fingers together and take 5 deep breaths.” (excerpted…

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Hail Mary – 2 Decades After The Million Man March

The Neighborhood

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
– Kofi Annan, former Secretary General, United Nations




from Tel Aviv Israel, Ofir J Rock with Desert Dance 


“What’s the next move ? Since then a new generation has grown up,they need directions. Where have all the men gone?”  –  Question posted by a Facebook reader under a post via The Grio with the above photo captioned On this Day in History
IN REVERSE: Two Decades After The Million Man March
written & edited by Kendall F. Person

I boarded the flight in Kingston, Jamaica and six hours later touched down in my nation’s capitol, Washington D.C.  Once into the fairways, the noticeable difference was instant, and if a person did not know, they would have been inclined to ask if something was going on. It was not just the overwhelming presence of African…

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Universal Energy

The universe operates on energy. Positive energy comes from God; negative energy comes from the enemy. Our words and thoughts have the power to not only influence others, but they also put forth negative or positive energy into the universe.
What you put forth will eventually come back to you, sometimes ten-fold.
It is wise to think before we speak. It is also wise to keep our thoughts as positive as possible.
We have enough negative energy to deal with on a daily basis. It is our duty to balance that with positive thoughts and words.
If you must say something that could be perceived as negative, do it with kindness, love, respect, and tenderness, therefore shining a beacon of light through the darkness.
Energy never dies. It simply changes.  We have the power, to some extent, to change it for the better.
Words, thoughts, and actions have a ripple effect. The smallest words that we utter…the very thoughts that enter our minds…. have an effect on the universe.

by Callie C. Colbert

The Passions of the your mind! All you can be!

The Why About This

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Hello and welcome.

Do you ever think about the nature of passion?  Your Passions! The passion and desire to be all that you can be. In the past I’ve written several posts and poems about passion.

Passion is tightly interwoven with all of our senses. So intimately are they connected that you can’t discuss the one without at least understanding the other.

When I first wrote about passion, last fall, I discussed the passion of both the writer and the reader. Later on I referred to “symbols” and used the heart (for example) while relating to love and the desire for one another. But passion is so much more vast in what it encompasses.

Our passions in life are often the fuel that give us the courage to go ahead, the motivation to do that which we so desire to do with our lives.

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And I believe the power of passion is embedded within every single one…

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Emergence/Change … I come for you!

The Why About This



 If you believe tomorrow comes

Then, this be a perfect time,

For me to open up your heart

And claim what must be mine.


But I fear I’m now not certain

I don’t know where to be,

There is too much, there is so much

And there is only me.


You are but one of many

Still l know just what to do,

My certainty it overflows

For every one of you.


If one believes in miracles

I can perform my deed,

Spread out my will and enter in

You’ll listen – you will heed.


If only you were wiser

I could do what I must dare,

The way would go more swiftly

And I would take you there.


If all the If’s were certainties

And all your dreams came true,

The rest would come so easily

To bring this time to you.

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