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The Most Important Thing You Need To Know Today

Uncommon Graces

When I was a teenager, a child who went to my school and lived at the end of my street shot himself. He didn’t make straights A’s on his report card and he couldn’t face his parents. His name was Sean Wilson.

I didn’t know him personally, but my friends did. Two more children attempted to kill themselves shortly after.

Then, the day after Thanksgiving, I tried to kill myself, too.

Just two years prior, a friend of mine, who lived on the opposite end of the same street, shot himself in the head while I was sitting in the classroom wondering why he was absent. It was an accident. His name was Michael.

I don’t know if the people in my hometown remember or care, but I do. I still drive by his house because he mattered to me.

It still matters to me.

Leelah Alcorn’s death has sparked conversation and attention all over the…

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Dear Christian Blogger

Uncommon Graces

I wanted to give my readers a chance to meet one of God’s very own voices. He mentions my declaration that we have a culture of violence.

Culture of Violence?” He wrote. Then, he proceeded  with verbal assault.

I trust that many of you have probably read much more of my work than he has. So, thankfully, you know my heart. So does God.

This is my response to the writer. I didn’t care to learn his name, yet. He hasn’t said anything worth remembering.

I will always speak my mind when my voice is placed under attack. You see, I referenced his work, but I was respectful. I know how to hold my tongue when it comes to judging others. That’s not my place.

I was called to love.

Dear Christian Blogger,

Actually, the initial thoughts behind our culture of violence go much deeper than that.

Of course…

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