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Spiritual Wrestling


Our nation’s summer boiled with fear driven hate. The racism is a powerful tsunami sweeping in from different directions, but it is hatred all the way. The facet that has been causing my search of my conscience is the Syrian Immigrants and it eventually put many questions to rest.

First news of some Syrian Immigrants coming to America was alarming. How could anyone consider bringing people from the land of ISIS here to the United States? Then some folks came out in favor of this that I respect and that mystified me.

I considered what Jesus expected me to feel and slowly realized that the terrorists had indeed terrified me. All the innocents prone to assault from terrorist and the peaceful Muslims that want no part of terrorism. At times of war tensions and fear cause people to do strange things. The lines gray to a blur and wartime measures come into play, like internment camps during WW2. Innocent people being hurt just bugs me bad. It is quite a quandary.

In the beginning the world supported the immigrants fleeing the terrorists in fear for their lives.


As the fences go up in Europe and isolationism stirs resistance for the immigrants here in the states it is beginning to take the path of the Jews in World War Two. Nazi and ISIS are two peas in a pod.

The St. Louis boatload of Jews fleeing the Nazi denied U.S. entry


History does not necessarily repeat, but it definitely rhymes with its past.

After much wrestling with my spirit I think Jesus expects me to pray for the immigrants and not be terrorized to the extent I lose my humanity.